Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click on the common questions below to see the answers. If you have other questions you can always use the CONTACT US page to communicate with us!

What is a tiny home?

A tiny home is a home smaller than 600 sq ft. Our homes will be between 300 and 562 sq ft. It will have all the essentials – indoor plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, electricity, heat, etc.

Is it on wheels/will it move?

No, our homes will be on permanent, concrete foundations, in tiny home neighborhoods.

Can I get home that fits me/my family?

Absolutely! The different sizes we’ll be offering will create opportunities for single, couple and family units to choose what best fits them.

Will the homes be affordable?

Yes! Residents will pay no more than 30% of their income so that everyone, regardless of income, will be able to live in our community!

What do you mean by “blended community”?

Community Roots is dedicated to bringing folks from all walks of life to the community. Our primary goal is housing those who are currently without homes or unstably housed. We are also welcoming those who are looking to downsize, can no longer afford the steep rental prices, are just starting out, are older and ready to step down to a smaller house, etc. Blended means we’re giving EVERYBODY the opportunity to move in and share their experiences and help others, creating a true community!

How will the community be regulated/will there be rules?

The community will be guided based on principles, values, standards, and criteria of behavior that will guide the decisions, procedures and systems of the community in a way that will contribute to the welfare and the success of each resident and the community as a whole. An ethical code will be agreed upon by each resident.

How big will the community be/how many houses will be there?

Our first community will be between 60-100 homes, depending on size of homes. It will be a true “neighborhood”.

What are integrated services?

We will be providing, on site, continued support services such as medical, mental and dental health; education assistance; employment through job training and search; financial planning; rehabilitation assistance and several classes such as food growing, and sustainability, cooking classes and storage, lessons in civics, nutrition, tutoring and multiple classes in arts for children and families.

Do people have to use the services when they move in?

They do not, but we strongly encourage them to! Advocacy is a big component of our communities and what better way to get to know your neighbors than to explore and participate in some of our offerings.

How do I qualify for services if I get a house?

If you apply for a Community Roots home through our partner, Council for the Homeless, you will be automatically qualified for services. If you’re applying through C-Roots directly, we will help you navigate all of the support systems available and get you lined up with the integrated services which you need or want to take part in.

Where will the first community be located?

C-Roots is still looking at land acquisition. We have several locations being investigated, currently, all within Clark County.

How do I apply to live in the community?

Contact us through our CONTACT PAGE!

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers! There are plenty of opportunities to help, just get in touch with us and let us know what you talents and/or interests are, and we’ll get you plugged in!